Nevi Removal

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What is Nevi Removal?

If you have had a mole since birth or developed one during adolescence or due to excessive sun exposure, nevi (mole) removal offered by Dr. Micheal Williams can help. Nevi are common pink, tan, or brown lesions formed by colored cells.

Moles are harmless, but they do impact how a person looks and can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness. With the advancement in cosmetic science, mole removal has become simple and effective. The procedure can be performed by a qualified professional at Williams Surgical Arts.

Consisting of nevus cells, moles are commonly found in adults and come in a variety of types: flat, elevated, smooth, pedunculated, and hair/non-hair-bearing. If you have any of these on your body and want to get rid of them either for health or aesthetic purposes, you can opt for the procedure.

Important Information

Methods of Mole Removal

There are several methods available for mole removal. Each is painless and completely safe. The right option for you will be determined by Dr. Williams.

Surgical Shaving: Dr. Williams might shave off small superficial moles using a surgical scalpel. A deeper cut will be essential for moles that extend beneath the skin’s surface.

Scalpel Excision: Large and hair-bearing nevi may need scalpel excision. After this, reconstructive surgery may be required in order to restore a natural look to the area.

Electrocautery or CO2 Laser Treatment: Dr. Williams may use radiofrequency or laser cautery to remove a mole. This option leaves behind fewer scars and provides satisfactory results, especially for those seeking the procedure for purely aesthetic purposes.

Why Consult a Surgeon for Mole Removal

A minor medical procedure, according to most experts, is the ideal method for nevi removal. It greatly lessens the chance of infection and minimizes the chances of scarring.

Moles are generally benign. However, there is always the risk of them turning cancerous, leading to melanoma. When you visit Williams Surgical Arts for a mole-removal consultation, Dr. Williams will examine your mole in order to ascertain the chance of cancer.

If he feels that it shows signs of being potentially cancerous and that removal will be necessary for health reasons, it is recommended that you get it removed as soon as possible. The sooner a cancerous lesion is treated, the less of a chance it has to worsen.



After the Procedure

After the nevus-removal procedure, you will need to wait for a few days until the pink/brown color fades to see full results. You will be able to see the results by the end of one week, but if you have lighter and more sensitive skin, it might take a bit longer. You should come in for a follow-up visit to ensure that the area is healing properly.


Starting at $300, the cost of your mole removal will vary depending on the method used. Another factor that influences cost is the number of and size of moles you want removed. The price will also increase if there is a lab analysis involved.

Schedule Your Consultation

Nevi (mole) removal is the safest way to get rid of unwanted moles. To find out more, arrange a consultation with Dr. Micheal Williams by contacting our office today.

Your Nevi Removal procedure will be performed in Dr. Williams's surgery center in Germantown, TN.

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