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A nevus is a raised red patch or mole that appears on your skin. Given the fact that congenital nevi stand a high risk of transforming into malignant tissue or skin cancer, they are often a cause of constant psychological stress. Apart from the obvious medical concerns, nevi are often associated with cosmetic impairments as well, owing to the fact that they can be aesthetically unsightly.

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Nevi Mole Removal Lift Before and After as performed by Memphis plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Williams
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With major advancements in the world of plastic surgery, there are several ways through which we can get rid of your nevi so you can lead a stress-free life. Two of the most popular and widely employed approaches for eradication of nevi are electrosurgery and laser treatment.

Nevi Removal Through Electrosurgery

Electrosurgery, or electrocautery, is a cosmetic procedure employed for removing congenital nevi from the patient’s skin. As the name suggests, the procedure involves the use of a surgical instrument that is heated by passing an electric current into it. The heated instrument is then used to raise the temperature of the skin tissue on and around the mole, resulting in it getting burnt away.

Typically, a topical numbing cream is first used to numb the treatment area; this eliminates all discomfort related to the procedure. While the electrically heated needle or blade burns the mole, the remaining skin tissue is removed surgically, thus the name “electrosurgery.” In some cases, the excised mole tissue might be sent to the lab in order to investigate any potential malignancy.

Depending upon the size and discoloration of the mole, we may perform an additional surgical procedure in conjunction with the burning of the mole through electric current. This would involve making an incision around the mole and trimming away the affected skin tissues.

Nevi Removal Through Laser Treatment

The laser nevi removal procedure is typically employed for nevi that are brown or black in color and flat. It is a non-invasive treatment that by and large eliminates the issue of post-operative scarring. The procedure begins with numbing the treatment area using a local anesthetic or a topical numbing cream. A device is then used to produce laser beams that penetrate the skin tissue and excise the pigmentation of the mole from within.

The broken-down pigment is then eliminated from the body through the body’s natural healing process. The laser-treated skin forms a scab, which eventually dries up and falls off automatically.

The best part about laser mole removal is that it can be employed for treating areas such as the face and the nose that cannot be corrected using surgical methods, as they could cause scarring. Patients typically experience a light tingling sensation during the procedure. You will be required to limit your exposure to the sun for a couple of weeks and apply a high SPF sunscreen when outside.

Learn More During a Consultation

If you would like to find out which nevi removal option is right for you, it’s best to arrange a consultation. During your consultation, we will examine your nevus or nevi and recommend the ideal course of action. Contact the office of Dr. Williams today for a consultation.