Tooth Extraction

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What is Tooth Extraction?

Dental tooth extractions offered by Dr. Micheal Williams are performed when repairing the tooth is not possible. Extractions may be performed for positional, structural, medical or economical reasons.

The Procedure


The idea of tooth extraction can sometimes be disconcerting, but tooth extraction may be a medical necessity for your long-term oral health. You may be a potential candidate if you have:

  • Severely broken, cracked or damaged teeth
  • Necrotic teeth (dead, or non-vital teeth)
  • Teeth associated with advanced periodontal disease
  • Extremely malpositioned or nonfunctional teeth

Other treatment alternatives should be explored before deciding on tooth extraction. During the consultation process, your surgeon will be able to determine if tooth extraction is the best option available for you.


There are two types of extractions – simple or surgical. Both techniques are performed under local anesthesia. In a simple extraction, your surgeon will grasp the tooth using forceps (surgical tweezers) and gently loosen it by moving the forceps back and forth until the tooth is ready to be pulled out.

During surgical extraction, your surgeon will create a flap around the target tooth through an incision made in the gum tissue. Surgical extraction may require removing portions of bone to free the tooth. Some teeth may need to be removed in sections. All incisions will be closed with dissolvable sutures.


It is important not to disturb the treatment area(s) for the first 72 hours. You should avoid brushing your teeth, smoking, drinking alcohol or using straws during this initial healing phase. Pain medication may be prescribed to manage discomfort. Most patients are able resume normal routines within a couple of days.


All surgical procedures, including tooth extraction, present a certain degree of risk and uncertainty. These risks will be discussed in depth during the consultation process. Some potential risks associated with tooth extraction may include infection, bleeding, changes in sensation, dry socket or nerve damage.


Is tooth extraction painful?
Tooth extraction is generally not painful, as local anesthesia is used to numb the area. Some patients may experience discomfort or mild pain after the oral surgery, but this can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers and following the aftercare instructions provided by the surgeon.
How long does a tooth extraction procedure take?
The duration of a tooth extraction procedure varies depending on the case’s complexity. Simple tooth removal procedures typically take about 20-40 minutes. Wisdom tooth extractions or more complex oral surgery in Memphis might take longer.
What are the different types of tooth extraction?
There are two main types of tooth extraction: simple and surgical. Simple extractions are performed on teeth visible in the mouth. In contrast, surgical extractions are required for teeth that are not easily accessible, such as impacted wisdom teeth. Our skilled oral surgeons expertly handle both types of tooth extraction in Memphis.
How should I prepare for a tooth extraction?
Preparation for a tooth extraction involves a consultation with your oral surgeon. You will be advised to avoid eating or drinking for a certain period before the procedure. It is also important to inform your surgeon of any medications you are taking or any health conditions you have. Following these guidelines ensures a smooth and efficient oral surgery experience in Memphis.
Are there any complications associated with tooth extraction?
Although complications from tooth extractions are rare, they may include infection, dry socket, or excessive bleeding. Our team in Memphis offers comprehensive aftercare instructions to minimize risks and support a smooth recovery. If you experience severe pain or signs of infection following your tooth removal procedure, please contact us immediately.
Can I eat after a tooth extraction?
You should avoid eating immediately after the extraction. Stick to soft foods once the anesthesia wears off, and avoid chewing near the extraction site. It’s essential to follow the specific dietary recommendations provided by your oral surgeon in Memphis to promote healing and prevent complications.
How much does tooth extraction cost?
The cost of tooth extraction in Memphis varies based on the complexity of the procedure and the type of extraction needed. Simple extractions are generally less expensive than surgical extractions. During your consultation, our team will provide a detailed cost estimate and discuss available payment options to guarantee you receive the care you need.


Contact us to schedule a consultation for tooth extraction. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to review photos and discuss details such as the cost and expected recovery time.

Your Tooth Extraction procedure will be performed in Dr. Williams's surgery center in Germantown, TN.