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  • I owe Dr. Williams so much gratitude for improving the quality of my life. He was the only one willing to treat me for the congenital hydrocephalus diagnosed in my 30s.
  • A doctor who truly cares, listens and explains the medical situation so that you can understand it. He clearly spells out options. Very much to the point and caring.

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  • I was referred to Dr. Williams on the recommendation of a surgeon I would meet later. Williams was step #1 to a surgery. After surgery I was returned to Dr. Williams. I have been going to him ever since (over five years now). I am more than grateful to him and his support group. Every detail is covered well in visits, always easy to schedule, and on time. Insurance codes are always correct. Can’t imagine how or where I could find better care. MyChart is a real plus and Dr. Williams does respond.
  • Why I recommend him: He is very good at educating and answering questions. He does a thorough investigation. He spends an appropriate amount of time with you. He responds to emails through the patient portal promptly. However, he does book out probably 4 weeks out for follow-ups.

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