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Earlobe repair is a cosmetic treatment that is performed to fix a torn, stretched, or split earlobe. It is a simple and cost-effective procedure that provides outstanding results when performed by Dr. Williams.

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Why Do People Require Earlobe-Repair Surgery?

There are several reasons to get an earlobe repair:

The earlobes have stretched due to aging or habitual wearing of large heavy earrings. This condition does not heal by itself, and earlobe repair is the only available trusted solution.

The earlobe has been stretched by gauges or larger plugs, creating a hole in the center. This can create cases that are quite complex.

A person is born with asymmetric earlobes due to a congenital disability. People with deformed earlobes from birth can rely upon earlobe repair to reshape their earlobes and match their facial symmetry.

A split earlobe has occurred due to a sports injury or another other reason. Split earlobes must be rejoined with earlobe repair.

What Is the Earlobe-Repair Procedure Like?

Earlobe repair is a minor surgery that is performed by first administering local anesthesia. This creates numbness in the region and enables the patient to stay comfortable throughout the process.

The scar tissue is removed from the earlobe, and the earlobe is then carefully stitched back together to restore a more natural appearance. The procedure generally takes about 15 to 20 minutes for a single earlobe; however, it might take more time if the tear or stretch is extensive.

Recovery After Earlobe Repair

The earlobes are medically dressed after the repair procedure, and you can go back home the same day. Since earlobe repair is a very simple outpatient procedure, the recovery period that comes along is brief. The recovery after the procedure can take up to one week.

You might experience mild post-operative swelling in the area, which can be easily treated with over-the-counter medications such as Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen.

The dressing on the ear needs to remain on the area for a few days to prevent any possible infection. The sutures are removed after a week following the treatment; before this time, you should take care not to place any sort of pressure on your earlobes.

The final results of your earlobe repair will be visible after two months. By the end of three to four months, you can get your ears pierced again if you want to. Since there is no pain associated with earlobe repair, you can get back to your everyday activities immediately.

Benefits of Earlobe Repair

Quick Procedure, Quick Recovery: Earlobe repair is a relatively simple and straightforward technique intended to reshape the earlobes to bring them back to their symmetrical state. The procedure takes minimal time, and the recovery period associated with it is short.

Balanced Look: Deformed or damaged ears can be restored to give the face a balanced look. They can be reshaped to make them proportionate with the other facial features.

Personalization: Earlobe repair is tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs.

Cost of Earlobe Repair

The cost of earlobe repair may vary, starting at $400.

Find Out More About Earlobe Repair

If you are looking for a solution to a torn, stretched, or split earlobe, you should consider a consultation with Dr. Micheal Williams to learn more about earlobe repair. Schedule your consultation by contacting us today.

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